A new era of analytics putting privacy-first


We need to stop collecting data that we will never use. Not only does it slow down your website, it also has an ethical concern about sharing your visitor data to enable others to profit from advertising revenue.

The good news is there are finally some excellent analytics alternatives, offering all the benefits, but with the added bonuses of protecting privacy, and it means we can wave goodbye to those annoying cookie pop-ups.

Switching to an analytics alternative will improve the performance of your website, which will have a positive impact on SEO, user experience, audience engagement, and conversions.

Analytics Alternatives

Fathom and Matomo are two ethical approaches to gaining valuable insights on website visitors without compromising your audiences trust.

Fathom Analytics is a great analytics alternative because it is focused on protecting visitors' privacy, and does not collect personally identifiable data for profit. Fathom is a simple and lightweight analytics solution for anyone who needs an easy-to-use and non-technical solution.

Reasons to switch to Fathom Analytics:

  • No need to display a cookie pop-up notice, as Fathom doesn't use cookies.
  • Simple, straight-forward analytics dashboard, that's easy to view the key metrics you need.
  • Your website will be 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Reduction in the carbon footprint of your website due to less invasive tracking.
  • Unlike other analytics, it won't slow down your website at peak time when there are surges in traffic.
  • Free and paid options available. 

Matomo Anatlyics allows you to gain rich insights while protecting your data and your visitors’ privacy. Matomo is a more advanced analytics platform, suitable if you still want to run paid ads and have access to advanced reporting tools.

Reasons to switch to Matomo Anatlyics:

  • Your Analytics data is 100% yours, with no external parties looking in.
  • Can be configured to follow the strictest privacy laws, including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
  • Includes features such as ecommerce conversion tracking, goals, funnels, and has its own Tag Manager tool.
  • Data can be imported from your existing analytics.
  • Offers both free and paid subscriptions from €19 per month.