Our journey from Pixel Design to Path


So why change our name from Pixel Design to Path?

From the beginning, our aim was to create websites that focused on both usability and beautiful design. And we still do that. But after 15 years, we weren’t going to sit back and just do what we do best.

We wanted to use this experience to bring foresight to our clients. Our thinking is not compartmentalised or restricted to just producing websites. We are forever curious, wanting to learn and know more about our clients organisations and how we can make a greater impact for them.

For us to feel the same way on the outside as we do on the inside, change had to take place. We bring clarity to the early stages of website planning and we had to express this part of our offering that had been growing all this time.

Our work has never solely focused on visual design; it is always founded on understanding. We never leap in. It’s never just about how a website will look. We define the problem. We ask the right questions and we listen.

It was clear our name Pixel Design focused only on one side of what we do, so we began a process of finding a new name to better reflect who we are.

We chose Path as it represents the journey we take with our clients and how we guide them each step of the way. In every client project we bring clarity and coherence, creating the right path for change.

Our new brand allows us to better communicate our wider range consultancy services and the different ways we can work with organisations who need guidance.

We look forward to taking the journey with you.

Want to know more? We'd be happy to meet for a (virtual) coffee. hello@path.ie