Business to Arts

This award winning low-carbon website positions Business to Arts as leaders in their field, bringing in more inbound leads and boosting client relations.

Winner – IDI Design Awards 2023 🏆

The Challenge

Business to Arts partners with businesses to find ways to support the arts while delivering a return on investment for businesses.

The previous website had become cluttered and confusing to users. It was difficult to understand the offering and benefits.

The Approach

Clear thinking around information design, content design and interaction design enabled a clear and focused website that clearly communicates why they are the best partner to work with.

The visual language was designed to speak equally to the arts and business markets, to help position Business to Arts is the right partner for successful creative collaborations.

Sustainable design principles were used in the design solution to reduce the website's carbon footprint. 

The Result

  • Clear and cohesive website that Business to Arts can use to support lead generation.
  • The website clearly communicates the impact the value and impact of working with Business to Arts.
  • A+ Carbon Rating – cleaner than 95% of all web pages globally
  • Meets Web Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 Level AA 
  • Award winning design – selected by an international design jury at the IDI Irish Design Awards 2023.

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