UX Design

We excel and bring simplicity to the complex, ensuring users will effortlessly navigate through the platform, guaranteeing a smooth experience every step of the way.

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Path is a leading consultancy specialising in User Experience (UX) digital design. With a rich history spanning 18 years, we excel in crafting intuitive UX and UI designs for online portals and websites.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to our UX design strategy. Our process spans from conducting focus groups and mapping user journeys to thorough testing and analytical reviews. Through this meticulous approach, we craft an intuitively seamless UX that may seem invisible to users, but provides a rewarding experience that benefits your organisation's relationship with its users.

Our collaborative approach extends to direct client engagements as well as white-label UX and UI design services for technology partners seeking expert UX and UI support on projects.

With a diverse portfolio, we have successfully executed projects of varying scales, predominantly within the realms of public services, education and tourism.

UX Design

Our expertise encompasses User Research, UX and UI design for web platforms, intranets and online portals.

  • User research
  • User Interviews and focus groups
  • Prototypes testing
  • End user testing
  • User journey mapping
  • UX and UI design
  • Design systems and component libraries
  • UX testing and reviews

UX Audits

  • Audit key touchpoints against business and user goals
  • User research to understand users experience and objectives
  • Review analytics
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Content review