We bring clarity to the early stages of website planning.

Sometimes our clients need a different kind of help. We work with organisations, before they embark on a website redevelopment journey, to bring a valuable outside perspective and expertise that brings clarity, allows for better decision making, and creates the right path for change.

Our website consultancy services include;

Developing Website Briefs

Not sure where to start with creating a brief for a new website? We can work with your team to identify website requirements and prepare a brief.

Website Strategy  

  • Define website purpose
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Website scope definition
  • Information architecture
  • Website brief writing 

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Tender assessments

Having input from a web industry expert can be invaluable during the evaluation stage of website procurement. We offer consultancy at all stages of a tender process, including assessments and interviews.

Website Roadmap  

  • Strategy & Goal setting
  • Mapping ideas against customer needs
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Creating a structured plan
  • Brief writing
  • Vendor selection consultancy
  • Identifying realistic timelines & budgets

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UX Audit of existing Website

  • Audit key touchpoint against business and user goals
  • User research to understand users experience and objectives
  • Review analytics
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Content review

User Research  

  • User interviews, focus groups and surveys
  • Persona development
  • Customer needs and goals analysis
  • Digital analytics analysis

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