We bring clarity to the early stages of website planning.

Sometimes our clients need a different kind of help. We work with organisations, before they embark on a website redevelopment journey, to bring a valuable outside perspective and expertise that brings clarity, allows for better decision making, and creates the right path for change.

Our website consultancy services include;

Developing Web Briefs

Not sure where to start with creating a brief for a new website? We can work with your team to identify website requirements and prepare a brief.

Accessibility Auditing  

Ensure your website is accessible is more important than ever. We can undertake an digital accessibility audit of your website to identify the current accessibility status and advise on remediation required.

Website Strategy

– Define website purpose
– Stakeholder alignment
– Website scope definition
– Information architecture
– Website brief writing
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Website Accessibility  

– Website accessibility consulting
– Web accessibility compliance
– Accessible web content training
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– Strategy & Goal setting
– Mapping ideas against customer needs
– Stakeholder buy-in
– Creating a structured plan
– Brief writing
– Vendor selection consultancy
– Identifying realistic timelines & budgets
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UX Audit  

– Audit key touchpoint against business and user goals
– User research to understand users experience and objectives
– Review analytics
– Heuristic evaluation
– Content review

Website Sustainability

– Website carbon footprint audit
– Sustainable web design
– Digital footprint consultancy
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Customer Journey Mapping  

– Customer Experience Consulting
– CX design audits
– Persona development
– Customer needs & goals analysis
– Discovery of opportunities
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User Research

– User interviews, focus groups and surveys
– Digital Analytics analysis
– Analysis and insights to uncover opportunities
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Content Strategy & Design  

– Content audit
– Content planning workshops
– Content design
– Content governance & training
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