A organisation's ability to effectively execute its mission is linked to its ability to deliver an effective customer experience to its audience.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Ensuring a great customer experience (CX) hinges on an organisation's ability to put the customer at the heart of the organisation.

Taking a human-centred approach starts with gaining a deep understanding of the website audience and developing a customer journey map showing all the ways a user interacts with the website as they move toward their desired goal. It allows us to see things anew from the customer’s perspective.

Digital Customer journey maps are typically used in the website development process, however, they are valuable assets to use in improving CX throughout the organisation.

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“Satisfied customers are 9x more likely to engage with and trust the organisation providing the advise or service.” - McKinsey & Company, Public sector benchmark survey 2018

While many organisations understand the importance of digital customer experience, the challenge is in deciding where and how to begin. As a first step a digital CX audit of your website to determine how people perceive their interactions with the organisation.

The investment in the a digital CX audit will generate data and insights and recommendations to help you make the right decisions on where and why to focus attention, aligning future budgets and operations with customer experience to achieve your goals.

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We help our clients understand how their customers experience digital interactions with the organisation. Typically this involves;

  • Audit user interactions on the website and/or digital platforms
  • User interviews
  • Observational research
  • Analyse findings
  • Cluster into needs
  • Group insights according to organisation strategy
  • Identify pain points and problem solve some of there
  • Identify quick wins and longer term opportunities
  • Prioritise initiatives by mission impact and importance to the customer
  • Create an action plan for approval

Short term impact

  • Gather insights and identify pain points
  • Align initiatives with organisation strategy
  • Create a customer experience vision for the organisation

Medium term impact

  • Focus initiatives for maximum customer experience impact
  • Increase public engagement with the website
  • Increase efficiencies through reduced customer support

Long term impact

  • Positive word of mouth
  • Greater return on investment in the website
  • Contribute to achieve organisation goals

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