A strategic roadmap provides insight to reduce risk and save time and money when planning a project.

Project Roadmapping

Developing a detailed roadmap helps to avoid wrong turns and distracting dead ends when planning and implementing projects.

Roadmapping takes you on a journey through a series of highly focused interactive workshops whereby your specific business challenges are brainstormed with our team of experts using design thinking methodology, to deliver a strategy and plan to ensure your project success.

Roadmapping is a valuable tool that can be used when planning any aspect of your organisations development, including developing a new business or marketing strategy, planning a new website, or launching a new project, service or programme.

Strategic roadmapping consultancy provide a realistic and achievable roadmap for development of a project. Outcomes include;

  • Senior management buy-in for planned activity or project
  • Identifying priorities and realistic timeline for delivery
  • Agreement on staffing and financial resources to accomplish the project
  • Mapping ideas against customer needs
  • Establishing clear measurable success criteria
  • Developing a structured plan for development

We use roadmapping to help our clients at various stages of their organisations development, including:

  • Business strategy
  • Goal setting (identifying goals that are realistically achievable within a meaningful timeframe)
  • Customer and audience insights
  • Website planning
  • Content requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Elevator pitch
  • Naming and brand development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Clickable prototype
  • Determine organisation's readiness to engage in a particular project

We design and lead a workshop-based approach to discover stakeholder priorities and analyse customer or audience needs. Qualitative and/or quantitative research is also undertaken during the discovery phase. This is followed with concept generation sessions and evaluation of a range of potential ideas.

Risks, timelines and resource requirements are evaluated to create a coherent, credible plan that encouraged innovation an helps our client achieve their business goals.

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