Helping to prepare a website for success

With finite resources available in not-for-profit organisations, making a decision on where to make improvements or invest in digital innovation can be difficult.

We’ve helped many clients in the arts, culture, and public sector increase audience engagement and extend their reach through practical advise from our digital strategy consultancy. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each organisation.

Before commissioning a website you need to clearly identify the purpose of the website/online portal and the needs of the users.

An early planning and discovery phase will generate insights and recommendations to help you make better decisions on where and why to focus attention, identifying opportunities and helps to align future budgets and operations with customer experience to achieve organisational goals.

Some of our early stage website planning services include;

  • Define the purpose of the online service or website
  • Agreement of the project goals and success criteria
  • Create user personas and identify needs
  • Develop UX wireframes
  • Gather and analyse qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Map out a website structure and sitemap
  • Content planing
  • Brief writing

Take the first step...

Our website strategy workshop is a great way to bring a team together to focus on creating a vision for a website that aligns with the organisations goals. From the workshop we produce a road map for the future development of the website, outlining the website goals, recommended priorities, levels of investment required, and the internal and external resources required to deliver this.

Some of the benefits of defining a website strategy prior to commissioning a website:

— Clarity of purpose
— Stakeholder alignment
— Improved decision-making
— Avoids scope creep
— Smoother procurement process
— Reduced risk of investing in the wrong website that does not have a clear focus on meeting user needs and organisation goals.

The website strategy workshop can be delivered as a full-day or half-day workshop, online or in-person. Find out more...

Whether making a fresh start with a website or looking to improve an existing website, it is essential that you first understand the needs of the target audience for the site.

Making assumptions or continuing to do things how they have always been done is why many websites do not get the results that are hoped for. We help our clients identify what is important to their audiences and uncover unmet needs.

Talk to us about how we can deliver insights about your audiences that will help you plan for a website that will meet their needs and help your organisation achieve its goals...

We use our 25 years experience in the web industry to guide and advise clients through each step of procuring a new website. Our website procurement consultancy services are tailored for each project and range from from developing the website scope and technical requirements, understanding the market place, identifying the skills, timeline and budget required to delivery the project, as well as website brief writing and review of proposals.

Have a project we could help with? We'd love to hear from you.