Ever wondered how many carbon emissions are generated by a website?

Websites emit greenhouse gases through hosting them on servers in data centres and displaying them to end users. When you consider most websites have thousands of visitors per month this creates a large carbon footprint. The internet as a whole as roughly the same annual carbon emissions as aviation globally.

We believe as web industry professionals we have a responsibility to do something about this and want to help our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their websites. Our new website sustainability consultancy services looks to identify the key factors that impact the carbon footprint of a website and the steps that can be taken to be reduce this.

Website sustainability consulting

We help organisations determine the environmental impact of their website, identify key areas for improvement and recommend practical steps to take to make a positive difference

Low carbon websites

We can design and develop low carbon websites that look great and offer exactly what your audience needs, creating a positive experience for everybody.

Want to know more about how to reduce the carbon footprint of your website? Get in touch.

  • Reduce the size of files on your website
  • Reduce tracking and advertising scripts
  • Reduce animation
  • Ensure navigation is intuitive
  • Reduce auto play video
  • Switch to a green hosting provider